Luxurious Rooftop Restaurant Ciel is opening in Norwest with an Acclaimed Chef at the Helm Next Year

Publisher: Concrete Playground
Written by: Ben Hansen

The Hills is getting a luxurious new rooftop restaurant with the arrival of Ciel in 2024. Chef Joshua Mason, the mind behind Baulkam Hills’ acclaimed French restaurant Quoi Dining, will lead the charge at this lush new opening in Sydney’s northwest.

Translating to “sky” in French, Ciel will take over half of the seventh floor at Infinity Park, a new development that will boast 287 apartments by the time it’s completed in 2025. The dining room will boast views of the neighbouring Castle Hill Country Club and the Sydney city skyline in the distance.

Mason describes the soon-to-open restaurant as: “A woodfired-inspired dining experience honouring the south of France and the light finesse of the Mediterranean cuisine.”

“Ciel is inspired by my Sicilian heritage, celebrating a seafood-forward menu. There will be an ice well at the front of the restaurant featuring an array of fresh oysters, lobsters, crustaceans and Australian fish.”

Luxurious Restaurant

A custom-made grill built in Barcelona has been shipped in to ensure the seafood is given the exact woodfired touch that Mason has envisioned, and the green stone bar has been imported from Argentina.

Ciel will bolster the Hills District’s fine dining chops, joining Mason’s Quoi Dining and the Mullane’s Hotel’s Italian diner Sarino’s in a neighbourhood more known for casual eateries and takeaway favourites like Frango, El Jannah and Good Fella Coffee.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the restaurant you can sign up for the Ciel mailing list, or learn more about Norwest’s massive new residential development at the Infinity Park website.

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